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Welcome to the dark side! The SICAMM dark bee conference 12-15th July 2018

Finnish Beekeepers’ Association is happy to invite you to the SICAMM conference 2018.

The conference will be organised in Mustiala, southern Finland. Furthermore, we will arrange additional excursions on 16th and 17th July for the conference guests.

The SICAMM meeting is taking place at the Mustiala agricultural school, which is the first agricultural school in Finland. Educational activities there started already in 1840.

More information about the location: www.hamk.fi (About Hamk-Campuses-Mustiala).


SICAMM conference 2018 preliminary program :

12th July: travelling to Mustiala and opening ceremony (5 p.m.)

13th July: SICAMM conference

14th July: SICAMM conference; accompanying person program will be available, in case there are enough participants

15th July: SICAMM conference and SICAMM business meeting, ending the conference (2 p.m.)

16th July: Excursion: Dark bee breeding magic in the sunny archipelago

Let´s take a look at a bee breeding station in the sunny archipelago! Pakinainen has had a pure breeding operation of the dark bee since year 2000. No other honey bee races are thus kept here.

Pakinainen is the largest island in western Rymättylä, a municipality which is nowadays a part of Naantali city. The island is home to a couple of families around the year and in the summertime, the beautiful Rymättylä archipelago attracts summer cottage owners and other holiday seekers. Pakinainen can be reached by ferry from Rymättylä main island.

17th July: Excursion: Presidential bees and flowers, Naantali old town and something sparkling

Today our main attraction is the Kultaranta Garden in Naantali. Kultaranta Manor House was built in 1916 and it has been the summer residence of Finnish presidents since 1922. The 54-hectare estate has a market garden and a formal garden with e.g. thousands of roses of several different varieties (some of them named after former presidents, such as Rosa ´Tarja Halonen´). Honey bees have been around in the garden for about 30 years and dark bees have been kept here for 10+ years.

Our second attraction is Naantali Old Town, dating back to the 15th century. We will also visit the Naantali Abbey, which was a Bridgettine abbey in then-Swedish Finland.

Our last stop will be the Brinkhall Sparkling Factory & Shop in Rymättylä: https://www.bsp.fi/


If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us by email: sicamm2018@hunaja.net!

We hope to see you in Finland this summer!

Kind regards,

Finnish Beekeepers’ Association

An online registration form may be found at: www.mehilaishoitajat.fi/sicamm-2018

+358 10 387 4770

Lassi Kauko, Aimo Nurminen, Per Thunman, Dorian Pritchard in Aimo's apiary.

Dark bees in Aimo Nurminen's apiary.

The conference hall, Mustiala.

Teaching apiary, Mustiala.

The Finnish delegation at the 2016 Conference in Lunteren presenting their proposal:

Raija Haataja-Nurminen, Aimo Nurminen, Lassi Kauko, Maritta Martikkala, Tuula Lehtonen.