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Mustiala, Finland 2018

Welcome to the dark side! The SICAMM dark bee conference 2018


The Finnish Beekeepers’ Association is happy to invite you to the SICAMM conference 2018. The conference will take place at the Mustiala Campus of the Häme University of Applied Science, Mustialantie 105, 31310 Mustala, Finland, from 12th-15th July 2018. We will organize additional excursions on 16th and 17th July for conference guests.


SICAMM conference 2018 preliminary programme:


12th July: travelling to Mustiala and welcome ceremony

13th July: SICAMM conference

14th July: SICAMM conference and nearby excursion 

15th July: SICAMM conference and SICAMM business meeting, ending the conference

16th July: Excursion: We will travel to see European dark bees in western Finland.

17th July: Excursion: We will travel to see European dark bees in western Finland



If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us by email: sicamm2018@hunaja.net


We hope to see you in Finland next summer! 


Kind regards,

Finnish Beekeepers’ Association



+358 10 387 4770

Lassi Kauko, Aimo Nurminen, Per Thunman, Dorian Pritchard in Aimo's apiary.

Dark bees in Aimo Nurminen's apiary.

The conference hall, Mustiala.

Teaching apiary, Mustiala.

The Finnish delegation at the 2016 Conference in Lunteren presenting their proposal:

Raija Haataja-Nurminen, Aimo Nurminen, Lassi Kauko, Maritta Martikkala, Tuula Lehtonen.